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                                                                                                  About the Author

Christopher Saxman has written several books over the past twenty years. These are his latest. His original vocation was a architect. Christopher practiced in his own firm for thirty years during which time he began to turn his creativity towards writing. Both books may be purchased at Christopher Saxman Studio

Hanover , NM

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   New Books by Christopher Saxman


The Drive to Cheyenne

       Based on the author’s childhood in Montana where he spent a good deal of time on a ranch in the Madison Valley. The story is set in 1876 and centers on three kids who head up a cattle drive from Montana to Cheyenne Wyoming.
      This could be a modern day story, however. It’s about participating in life and taking a risk! It’s about people who overcome and persevere in the face of hardship and huge odds. It’s the story of friendship, of loss and learning to trust. This story will pull on the strings of your heart.

 Reader reviews:
  “I couldn’t put the book down!”
 “I fell in love with the characters.”
 “Your characters were so real!”
 “Just a great story!”
 “Exciting and fun to read!”

Longcoat and the Fisherman    

   Two unlikely friends battle against an elusive foe. Through a twist of fate the owner of a Seattle Fish Company ,Clayton, meets who he thinks is street person. Bob. Out of necessity the unlikely pair soon become friends. The two work against a coalition of malicious criminals who have no moral boundaries, From Alaska to Montana they struggle to free themselves and Clayton's company of the ruthless nemesis. Bob, it turns out ,is not a book to be judged by his cover. He is experienced in these matters and not only helps Clayton with his problem but also helps him come to terms with many other things in his life, including his children. This is the srory of intrigue, deception, family and most of all , friendship.

       This book stems from the author’s architectural background, along with his many travels in Venezuela and South America. It is a story of an overworked architect, Ethan Montgomery, who is suffering “Burnout” and simply must take a break to find his place in the cosmos. On advice of a friend he travels to Venezuela where he is unwillingly drawn into a search for “The Writing.”
      This search involves the Venezuelan Police, the CIA and Vatican security. Ethan finds himself trapped in the middle. “The Writing” turns out to be a two thousand year old scripture hidden by the church in Venezuela during the 1500’s. “The Writing” could unravel the order of Christianity and the Bible. But really this is the story of friendship, love, deception, murder, intrigue and adventure. Ethan along, with his new found friends, struggles and fights to prevail, at times not even knowing for what or against whom. So roll up your trousers and wade on in to the mêlée!

 Reader reviews:
  “This book kept me up all night!”
 “I found myself holding my breath.”
 “A very fast paced story!”
 “Hard to put down!”